Pastors Steven & Mary Hamman

Hello, our names are Steven and Mary Hamman.  In September of 2018 the Lord called us to come and lead this church with the Word and Worship. 

Mary and I were both raised Pentecostal, so we are able to answer any questions that may arise about your Pentecostal experience.

Having four children and twelve grand children has helped us to focus on the needs of today’s families.   We have committed ourselves to loving, and accepting hurting people.   We believe the Lord has commissioned and equipped us to help and care for those in need. 

Our goal is to offer healing and help, and not an emotional “band-aid” to the hurt and wounded.   We strive to provide a “life changing” setting for true everlasting healing to occur.

Pastor Hamman is an Ordained Bishop with the Church of God and has earned a Bachelor's of Theology degree in Biblical Studies.  He and His wife Mary, have over forty years of ministry experience.  Their life purpose is to service the Body of Christ. 

We are a REAL church; with REAL solutions;
For REAL people; with REAL problems.